Friday, November 7, 2008

Ethereal Morn.

Sometimes rising early pays off !!! This is what greeted DDH & I when up @ 4am to feed the youngsters before "Dragon Boy " had to leave on the Horse Transport to start Sale Prep... Big day for the youngster & owner need I say ??? His mates are missing him terribly... Honestly though I did feed up first before racing to grab my camera - it was just all too much as the Fog & Sun fought for supremacy!

The cobwebs after the rain were Enchanting... So Many ! Amazing what goes on whilst we sleep @ night... No wonder designers get so much inspiration from nature...

As you can tell... with such unreal conditions for photography... waiting for the Horse Transport to arrive certainly not a hassle...

My youngster loaded beautifully for a first timer also I might add... { more like an Old Stager...} ***Proud Parent*** LOL Off to play with the Big Boys now !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm... Back...

Hi & Hello Everyone !!! Two... yes ie.#2... Months since I last Blogged... hard to believe ... Outrageous how Life can take you over... Yes ??? As to the Where How & Why... Many Stories in that there three words... will get round to some of those one day - Hey? Meantime just craving to create in real life colour & reclaim My Blog all @ the same time of course as is my want... Shall pace myself...LOL ! Have spent most of my evening trying to catch up in Blogland but boy do I ever have a way to go... you guys have been busy !!! But Hey 'tis Way good to be back... Oh & someone else wanted to say Hi ...Hello... too !

Happy Stitches Helz.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wee Spin Playmat.

Have been working on a Wee Spin Playmat for my GD Tia from Moda's Wee Play... not too sure if I fell in love with the Fabric or the Jelly Roll Tin as I Sooo... love both ! So much so that I found it really hard to even take them out of the tin to start my Quilt - yeah I know Way Sad... but they just look so darn good in that Tin !!! This is where I am at for now must get some more done tomorrow as Tia Jane @ 4 months is growing so fast on me...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Syverkstan Grand Opening.

Over @ Syverkstan Helena is Celebrating the opening of her new Quilt Studio... A Longtime Dream for her... how exciting that must be !!! So please pop on over to say Hello & share in the fun with Helena for the Grand Opening Celebrations there may even be some Giveaways...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lurline's Blogoversary.

Just had to quickly post as Visitors are keeping me out of mischief for a bit but will soon be returning home & I Sooo... do not want to miss a moment of their visit !!! But Lurline is Celebrating her Blogoversary & has made this absolutely stunning Cathedral Bag to Giveaway to one very lucky person in Blogland & I just had to tell you because Lurline just creates absolutely gorgeous handmade items & I know how much she would love to meet you 'cause just like me she adores having visitors call in...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogland Giveaways.

Heaps going on in the Land of Blog lately... Just a few Giveaways & Celebrations Happenin' !!!

Melly @ Melly & Me has a New BOM Celebration & it's rather Sweet...
Cheryl @ Polka Dots & Ric Rac is celebrating her 1st Blogoversary !!!
Candace @ Wraggedy Patches also has Posted for the 100th Time...
Inger Lise @ Lises Hobbyblog is celebrating her 100th Post Too...
Rosie @ Rosalie Quinlin Designs has a New Pattern & it's Xmasie Cute Azz...
This Lady @ Confessions of an Apron Queen has weekly Apron Giveaways... Such Fun !

So don't delay some Fantastic Blogs to Pop on over & Visit & some Fun too Boot !!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daily Smile - Sunday.

AND... Also @ THE EKKA my dear SIL spotted a sign for this Display from Atop the Ferris Wheel... Thank Heavens !!! I Sooooo.... could have missed seeing these *Not Good *Gasp.... I would have been totally devastated had I read of the Quilt Show titled "Quilts Across Queensland" on my return home - I live for these !!! So Yes The Ekka was an awesome day out Indeedy... (((Many Smiles Here))). I hope you all enjoy them as much as I...

Quick Note : I have matched Quilts with known #'s from my other shots to Catalogue Information... will make sure I get All the #'s Next Time !!!

#2 " Forest Fire" - D Grant * Foundation Pieced in the Colours of a Forest Fire

#21 " Hexabolic" - RL Hale * Design by Yoko Goto

# 62 " In A Garden Dreaming" - DP Dixon *Quilting Pattern from Original Design

#10 " New York Compasses" - CH Hamlet *Designed & Pieced by Maker

# 19 "Hatz " - GR Wogan. * Stargazy Quilts Design.

#70 " Lazy Sunday" - LH Carthew *Impressionist Landscape

#82 "Squirrels & Crows" - CA Bonney *Blackbird Design.

#149 "Geoff's Crazy Quilt" - RD Mansfield * Original Design
#48 " Abundant Love" - WM Cadoo * Original Design for Eldest's Grandson's Marriage

#105 " Star Gazer " - KB Mersiades * Designed & Pieced by Maker

#15 " Charlotte's Quilt" - M Rowlands * Traditional Hexagon Quilt

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Daily Smile - Saturday.

*** THE EKKA*** as it is known to us Aussie's is a Tradition @ Best... also known as the Royal Queensland Show & is held @ the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane every August. Well guess where I was over the weekend !!! I have not been forever... & I would line up to go back for another day as it was that much Fun !!! I still cannot believe how quickly the day went by & there was just so much more to see & do still... Here are some shots of a Fabulous Day out with Family.

The Petting Zoo as you can see here was a huge drawcard... never seen so many littlies, parents & grandparents in one spot !!! Surprised myself how much I found myself enjoying it just by watching the expressions on some of the Littlies faces totally priceless...

And of course we all lined up for the Ferris Wheel... A Must !!!

From Great Big Heavy Horses to Absolutely Cute As A Button Pint Size One's on Show.

But next Year I am Sooooo.... wearing my most comfortable walking shoes... NOT my Boots... My Feet will never be the same !!! How good was it to arrive back @ the car ready for the trip back home .................................................................... !!!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Daily Smile - Friday.

My Toy Boy !!! My DDH is always threatening to sell my Favourite Boy { Gasp... !!! } but thus far I have managed to steer My Boy clear of this fate... His Racing name was "Pat And Pay" because as Pop says this is all MOST owners ever get the chance to Do... !!! Oh & Pop gave him his racing name too... Nowadays he has the Cushy job of Chaperoning some of our Weanlings each year & keeping them out of trouble... Mind you we do tend to get more than our fair share of the feed @ times so we most definitely are NOT perishing !!! This Poem Sums up Perfectly how much I appreciate PatN's being part of my Life... Smile Territory Indeed.


When your day seems out of balance And so many things go wrong When people fight around you And the clock drags on so long…

When most folks act like children And fill you with remorse Go out into your pasture Wrap your arms around your horse.

His gentle breath enfolds you As he watches with those eyes He may not have a PhD But he is, oh, so wise!

His head rests on your shoulder You embrace him good and tight; He puts your world in balance And makes it seem all right.

Your tears will soon stop flowing Then tension will be eased. The nonsense has been lifted You are quiet and at peace.

So when you need some balance From the stresses in your day, The best therapy you can seek Is out there eating hay!

Author unknown