Thursday, July 31, 2008


Recently a very dear old friend of mine has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer @ 77yrs & pretty much everything has gone on hold to be with him & his wife during this very confronting & testing time of biopsy's, scans , x-rays & furthur testing because simply... this magic couple have been there for me thru thick & thin over the years & now it's my chance to give with an open heart as they have taught me so well over the years... A Special Friendship I'm truly grateful for. He's always been a glass half full kinda guy So... we are ahead already @ this point !!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

May Britt's Giveaway.

May Britt of Abyquilt is celebrating her 200th Blogoversary with a Giveaway & would like to know what your Favourite Quilting Technique is ... Pop on over for a visit & say hello to this talented & creative lady. Happy Blogoversary May Britt !!!

Take A Look...

Just found this Awesome Giveaway... Pop on over to Lila's for a looksee...

You won't be disapointed.................................. While Lindi @ Quilty Threads is also having A Heartwarming Winter Giveaway & would love you to visit !

Time for Bed... Night Night...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lovely Award.

A few days ago now I recieved this lovely Award from not only Farmchick over @ Fresh from the Farm but also from Lurline over @ Lurline's Place Thank You So Much Farmchick & Lurline... sorry I have taken so long to post it but I now have time to play... The rules for receiving this Award are :

1) Put the Logo on your Blog.

2) Add a Link to the person who awarded you.

3) Nominate 7 other Blogs.

4) Add Links to those Blogs on Yours.

5) Leave a Message for your Nominees on their Blogs.

So here goes.................

Marian - Marian Edwards DreamWeaver * Weaver Extroidinaire.

Lenora - Lenora Jenkins Designs. * Multi Skilled Designer.

Narelle - Country Roses. * Heart of the Country Woman.

Donna - DONNA'S In The Attic. * Talented & Inspiring Long Arm Quilter.

Nicky - The Little Needle Case. * Creative & On The Go Young Lady.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. * Extremely Generous Crazee Lady.

Maree - On My Verandah. * Most Organized Stitcher.

Now for me that took some doing let me tell you..........................................................................

There are just Sooooo.... Many Fabulous Blogs which I Bloghop across to on regular visits all the time... very hard to choose only seven !!! But I tried..................................................................

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Country Roses Giveaway.

On arrival home from my Campdrafting weekend @ Midnight on Sunday night there was a very interesting parcel sitting waiting for me on my dining room table... Had to open it of course I'm absolutely Nooooo.... Good @ waiting at all............. & this is what I found Blogging Goodness !!! The photos I took the next day when I could actually focus properly LOL. I was lucky enough to win these goodies in Narelle's Giveaway over @ Country Roses they truly completed my weekend perfectly... Thank You So Much for your generosity Narelle & I did share my Choccie with DDH !!! I have one of your Mug Mats here on my desk right now with Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows... Yummmmmm !!! Speaking of Giveaway's slip over & visit Debbie @ Debbie's Quilts & More ...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick Trip Away.

Life Happens... YES ??? Cannot believe that I have been away from my 'puter that long !!! Where to start... DDD arrived with her Mother's Day present on a float late Thursday night following a 12Hr trip with problem's in his fetlock so off to the Vet for X-Rays & Scan... verdict being Arthroscopy required as an infection had made itself right @ home - Not Good. So DDD's Stallion gets to spend a minimum of 10 days @ the Vet Surgery all fingers crossed for the best possible outcome. But as DDD's other horses & family were already on the road to the weekend's campdraft we had to play catch up to be there when they arrived & help Set Up Camp so a rather hasty 5minute pack & we too were on the road for the next 7Hrs. Great weekend though spent on Grammie Duty whilst DDD & SIL jostled for position amongst the best of them @ Paradise Lagoons Draft. If ever one would like to see Campdrafting @ its best then I suggest a visit to this Campdraft for it will not disappoint... wish I had more photos to share but I'm yet to get the hang of juggling a 4mth old... 2yearold... stroller & camera !!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Raining Outside.

We had the foggiest of mornings today rather gorgeous actually & then later in the day we had some lovely rain I have a real thing about rain I just absolutely love the stuff... makes an ordinary day pretty darn GOOD! Narelle from Country Roses has just Emailed me to say I have won some of her pretty Mug Mats... Big Smiles here!!! As I have said before Blogging Goodness abounds in Blogland Thank You so Much Narelle... Will post a Pic when they arrive! I also follow Stephanie's Blog A Year Of Crockpotting & I just Luv it because of the extra stitchin' time it buys me!!! Pop on over for a visit as Stephanie is having a Giveaway with 10 Crockpots up for grabs..... Much Fun!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Donna's Quilt Show.

Head on over to DONNA'S - in the Attic who is holding a Quilt Show today! Some beautiful quilts to be seen & admired... The above Quilt is the Turning Twenty Quilt that Donna has just created for her Giveaway just so feminine & Olde Worlde one very talented lady... Drop On By for a visit you won't be disappointed...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ladies In Waiting.

These are My Ladies in Waiting... they are both heavy in foal & due to foal down around September/ October this year because of the Equine Influenza outbreak we are a little behind this year but we are just so pleased they are indeed in foal with all the restrictions & hold ups endured during the breeding season last year!!! Fingers crossed we have seen the last of EI here in Australia. I love it when they get to this stage of their gestation because they always seem so serene & content grazing away in the paddock... Then of course @ this time of year DDH has the Stallion Directory close @ hand studying & selecting in readiness for this years breeding season... It's all about the Cycle of Life...

Blogging Goodness.

Never fails to amaze me just how generous & from the heart Bloggers are... Catching up on my Blog reading tonight I've come across many things to share... A Christmas in July Giveaway @ Blue Bird Quilts... Not Just Yet But Soon A Quilt Giveaway over @ Old Red Barn Co. ... Then over @ Hugs from Helen the Stitcher's Angel Swap... & DONNA'S in the Attic has a gorgeous Wall Hanging to Giveaway @ her Quilt Show on Monday... the warmth of giving is truly alive & well in Blogland tis the equivalent of Blogging Goodness..........................

Friday, July 11, 2008

Visit from Pop.

Friday today... Pop is visiting for Morning Tea ! A carer from the Villas where Pop lives drives him out to home about a 45min drive after taking the long way out through all the good farming & horse country which he so loves to see during the drive out. Even @ 91yrs he loves to get out & about still - Big Time ! Today being a bit trickier than usual though as Pop's dementia tends to run the show occasionally & needs some talking around... once achieved & all is settled we are on the road & travelling. We count ourselves extremely fortunate in having the assistance of Pop's male carer as he is just so understanding of Pop & his needs very often prempting behaviours before they arise... As always on his arrival @ home he is ever so pleased to see us & to be home again for the morning but by 11:45 am without fail starts to check his watch & says we must be going now... Routine these days is everything & we make every effort to help him achieve this as there is far less confusion for Pop as a result. So yes we had a lovely visit with Pop today...

PS. Shadow met Pop as a little pup so they know each other... All's Good!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Biccy Baking.

The exceptionally empty looking Biccy Barrell needed to be addressed ASAP this morning as the Big Kid in the house DDH was clean out of Favourites & that is soooo... not on! We end up on a mission we do... going thru each & every Biccy tin on the counter otherwise... & we have a few... So the *New Favourite being one of Kris's recipes from Tag Along Teddies with sultanas thank you... but me I like the Choc Chips! I have rediscovered my love of baking after reading so many great Blog's with a true passion for baking not to mention the recipes that are so generously shared across Blogland. Kris! - DDH says these are just like the ones his Mum used to bake for him... he was in boy heaven @ the first bite !!! Accolades indeed. Now if I can only keep that Biccy Barrell FULL...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Precious Sewing Day.

Today I earmarked a full day of sewing & to dodge being sidetracked @ home which does tend to happen with Me... I headed into town to spend the entire day @ Precious Time one of my Favourite Quilt Shops where Lisa keeps me On Track... to build some Butterflies & I actually made some progress on my WIP !!! This particular one *yes I have many... being my Grandaughter Tia's quilt which really should be finished well & truly by now but that stuff called life keeps butting on in... @ least now I have far more to show after my day of uninterrupted creative Bliss - you have no idea how good that feels!!! LOL Or maybe you do...