Friday, May 30, 2008

Miserable Sorta Day.

Bit of a Miserable day here today - Great Day to stay indoors!!! Woodfire is stoked up tis lovely & warm... Rain is on it's way & that is almost all good... Just not too sure about how *The Girl handles "The Wet" shall find out soon enough... So A Baking Day it has been... after all that Blog Hoppin I've found some Enticing recipes here & here & here& here so it was all too much today had to make them! The Apple Slice is just Yumm, DH says they are his sort of Biccy's with the Sultanas & The Lemon Tart is still in progress because I & camera went to collect the eggs & Got Sidetracked... I do this... 'Prolly why I find it tricky to finish things!!! LOL - You Get That. With the little bit of rainfall we have had the garden just looked So Pretty - Cold but Pretty... I did eventually get back to collect the eggs but not quite back to the Tart as YET... Even called in @ The Studio on my Garden Tour & decided I really should finish this Quillow for my Niece Tashie - Now if my friend Pat is reading this she will be horrified as I was finishing this 'bout 4Yrs ago... I'm doing it Pat... I'm doing it... Shall even post when complete with label!

After such a dull overcast day these colours just seemed to speak to me when I came across them in the Studio this afternoon - So now is the time to pick you back up & finish off where I started - How Good is that going to feel???


Jo Jo said...

Miserable days are the best for sewing and can eat while you work! What a great ethic! Jo x

Christine said...

Good luck finishing the quillow. Your blog is looking very nice.