Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Girl's Raceday.

Racing... as I said before there is no such thing as a sure thing in Racing... Luckily for us though the rain held off for the day after delivering 2 inches @ the track & we raced on a Heavy track in the end - every bit helps in this game... Well we totally missed the kick by 3 lengths & No... that is not good & still finished on a game 5th placing in a field of 17. My SIL reckons she was busy doing her hair!!! My Girl gets a bit agitated when they load her 1st & make her stand & wait for the rest of the field to load ie. the other 16... she is female after ALL! So we regroup our race strategies & put together Plan B... Shall keep you all posted. As you can see above The Girl really does mean business when we get to the track on the day!!!

Oh & it has been raining here all day long which is just Magic!!! My little niece Phoebe took these shots for me while I took Pop to watch the race @ the local track @ 91yrs + dementia we don't go far afield these days - but we do still love our racing!


Candace said...

It gave me chills just reading about it, and she is so beautiful.