Monday, May 11, 2009

As You Do...

Visited my favourite store * Precious Time * last week to catch up with my Stitching Friend's... such a long time since I had last sat & stitched with everyone... twas lovely to be back chatting although not a lot of stitching happening... Lol  Just being there amongst friends made the world a far brighter place for the day.  I had so much fun discovering all that was new in the store during the day !!! These fellows followed me home... I'm yet to find a reason for them other than some Fabrics just talk to you... simple as that !!!  DDH is still a WIP on that particular theory... LOL.


Robyn said...

Oh yum!!!
I wonder what you'll do with them?
I do the same... if I see something that I can't go past...well, you know *grin*
Have fun with them!!