Monday, May 4, 2009

Maree's Paper Bag Swap.

Flowering in My Garden right now is this sweet little pink rose rambles somewhat & whose name I do not know... Sorry... A bit of a Favourite with me & Soooo... tough !

Have just come across Maree's new swap @ On My Verandah & it sounds like a lot of fun especially for you More... creative types Lol. Will be terribly exciting to see what everyone comes up with... I'm all signed up & Brainstorming already.............

They say Ironing is the very best of thinking time ... Hmmm could put a new slant on that *** HUGE*** too big to jump over kinda huge... basket I have lurking out in my laundry !!! So Quick what are you waiting for ??? Slip across to Maree's & check this Swap out. Now what's in my stash.................... or maybe a trip to Ye Olde Quilt Shoppe of choice... now there's a thought !

Now this fella fascinates me... does anyone know what he is @ all cause so many visitors to My Garden ask & I just have Nooo... idea !!! Guessing... a type of Salvia but I could be way out there Lol.


Anonymous said...

Your flowers look wonderful. Really like it:) I wish you good luck in Paper bag swap..

Take care!

Lurline said...

I've been so busy, Helz - thought just now 'I must check out Helz' - oh, those flowers - divine!
Hugs - Lurline♥