Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Than Shabby....

My Apologies Everyone in being so Shabbily behind time in posting the winner of my Blogoversary Giveaway... With so many lovely comments received I've discovered Giveaways can be just as much fun from the Giving side of things !!! That's the Joy of Blogland. So Thank You to Everyone for Joining in on the Fun with me.

Now the result caused me to chuckle some ... But .... when you are on a winning streak & the Angel's are on your side & well that's all there is to it ...Lol A Big Congratulations to Stina !!! Your Surprise parcel will be popped into the mail to you ASAP if you could contact me via Email with your Addy Details that would be great.

I will post Details & Pics of Stina's Surprise on Arrival in Sweden 'cause otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise now would it ??? Thank You once again to all the Super Bloggers who joined in... Such a Fabulous Fun way to meet Amazing people !!!


Stina said...

I am on the go again.. :o))) Think lucky is my But have forgot to buy a
Thankyou thankyou... I will look forward to the surprise... and will let you know as soon it arrives at my house..:o))