Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lunch With Pop.

Today Pop & I went for a long leisurely lunch @ one of our favourite cafes "The Chocolate Cottage" in Highfields we had a lovely sun soaked time out on the verandah all to ourselves beautifully quiet... We try to have lunch together somewhere each week 'tis a good escape for Pop from his Villa accomodation & one he truly looks forward to ! I so appreciate spending good quality no rushing... time with Pop these days as @ 91yrs we don't have forever up our sleeves... My aim during our lunches together is to cheer him up & get him laughing out loud as I know then when he is back on his own @ his unit all is not so bad after All... Luckily the staff @ the Villa's are just Magic & make Pop's everyday pretty darn good but that's just not the same as Family arriving to take you out for the day... We are just so fortunate to have Pop with us still & after 4 Yrs of active service overseas during the War all the more special still. So yes... most definately one of my Positive's for July...


Amanda said...

How wonderful to have that time with your father each week. Sadly I lost my father when he was just 67 and I would have so loved to have longer with him. My mother was 78 when she died, so we had longer together, but I missed my father so much when he was gone.

Chocolate Cat said...

The chocolate cottage sounds like somewhere the chocolate cat should visit!!! How special to spend such lovely days with someone so special to you and to know in the future you will have no regrets.

Joanne Kennedy said...

You are so lucky to have your dad still with you.

He looks like such a kind and wonderful man. His smile makes me melt.

Tell him Joanne said hi!