Friday, July 11, 2008

Visit from Pop.

Friday today... Pop is visiting for Morning Tea ! A carer from the Villas where Pop lives drives him out to home about a 45min drive after taking the long way out through all the good farming & horse country which he so loves to see during the drive out. Even @ 91yrs he loves to get out & about still - Big Time ! Today being a bit trickier than usual though as Pop's dementia tends to run the show occasionally & needs some talking around... once achieved & all is settled we are on the road & travelling. We count ourselves extremely fortunate in having the assistance of Pop's male carer as he is just so understanding of Pop & his needs very often prempting behaviours before they arise... As always on his arrival @ home he is ever so pleased to see us & to be home again for the morning but by 11:45 am without fail starts to check his watch & says we must be going now... Routine these days is everything & we make every effort to help him achieve this as there is far less confusion for Pop as a result. So yes we had a lovely visit with Pop today...

PS. Shadow met Pop as a little pup so they know each other... All's Good!


Leanne said...

What a lovely photo...91 is a good innings.