Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Ironing Faeries.

To know you are not alone in the Catch Up... Today I received much appreciated HELP... in catching up with my Ironing Basket's *plural ie. Sometimes in life you come across Speed Bumps well this was mine in action - no matter how I tried... just could not get to the bottom of those Basket's !!! My Dear Darlin Mum & My Niece arrived & set up shop so to speak with Me being the runner for the day... meal maker... chocolate fairy... coffee barista... Hanger Upperer... & I could keep going... How GOOD does it feel to have those baskets EMPTY?!?!?! Oh Yeah..................... Just Luv My Family & so grateful to them for being there for me. It's the little things that make a difference - I Find. A Fresh Start for tomorrow.


Amanda said...

Aren't family wonderful? My dear mother used to always dig out the ironing board and do the ironing for me when she used to visit. I don't think I have ever got to the bottom of the ironing basket since!