Monday, June 30, 2008

Favourite Keyring.

Lynette from Lynette Anderson Designs has asked do we have a Favourite Keyring? Attached to a Giveaway of course!!! This is mine & until I went to take a shot of it never realised how truly aged & worn it is... but I still Luv it! At least I can actually FIND... this one in My Bag!!!

Shadow the Blue Dog & I have just had another impromptu Vet visit tonight... the stitchin' effectively went on hold... with his recent past history of rat poison no chances were being taken no evidence of a flinch to be seen when told of the $100- Call Out fee... * could be a delayed reaction there LOL... but all is well as it turns out his immune system is not quite back to normal as yet following his last Overnighter & a bump to the eye out in the paddock becomes quite something else... without all the gorey details! Back home with tablets & eye ointment to be taken with Chipolata Snags... Will be fun or Not... Vet still intact... Just! We are soooo... not the friendliest Blue Dog with strangers only leaves home if in a bad way & needs a Vet so all those Big Trucks & their lights were an experience on their own for him tonight but the dried liver treats @ the Vet Surgery totally worth IT!!! Or so Shad's says...


Joanne Kennedy said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up for my giveaway.

I love when new people stop by because then I get to see thier blog.

Your blog is lots of fun.


Candace said...

I love your keyring. If it's worn it just adds to it. Poor Shadow. If I saw him, I know I'd be afraid to get out of the car, but I'm glad that he is getting better, sorry for his hard time.