Monday, June 2, 2008

Luv My Computer.

Have I ever mentioned how much I just Luv My Computer & Broadband...?!?! Especially on Foggy, Rainy, Cold & Windy days in particular! Thank Heavens for Blogland it totally opens up My World & Fascinates ME... @ any Given moment. Just last night I kept recieving Server Error Messages as I tried to Email & Blog Hop - Annoying..... this morning Candace Emails me to tell me all about a fire over there in the States which affected about 9000 servers Just... Guess that would about Do It! Made me feel a whole lot better to realise that maybe it wasn't JUST the operator... Here is another Website that I Luv to Visit daily - I might miss something! Adore the way that Ree is always Keepin It Real!!! A Whole Other World - But I guess that is what I like so much about Blogland... Perspective... Think Tornadoes!!!

Actually DH is putting on a roast Leg of Lamb as I type so I'm off to check my Pantry for the ingredients to Ree's *Crash Hot Potatoes... They sound Just Soooo... Good! A new Jill Dupliex cooking book has just been added to My Wish List on the strength of that recipe alone... Out & about in my garden after the first light shower I found this bloom on my ...??? You see I tend to update without much mucking about when a rose just isn't doing in my garden - My Local Nurserywoman would be horrified @ this but I just figure... you only get X amount of time in this life & there are some absolutely gorgeous roses out there to give a Go!!! So Ok @ this point I am about to go find ALL... my Rose Labels & catalogue them 'cause I think I might be needing them - Just Luv My Roses... I can hear DH muttering in the background 'bout my roses but he'll be right LOL. Have A Lovely Day!