Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Still Have not quite worked out how to Embed a video... Battling to figure that out !!! But if you love horses like me then you may enjoy this as much as I... Just click on Lorenzo for something Special ... Lorenzo


quiltygal said...

H Helz
Just wanted to pop in to say thanks for all the nice comments you leave on my blog they are much appreciated even if I don't get to comment back a lot can't wait to use that material on the binding it's not my usual choice but I like a challenge lol. Glad your horsr was ok at the races it's always nasty to watch a fall like that. catch you soon

Candace said...

I see that lots has been going on in your life. So glad that 'the girl' wasn't hurt, and your lizard is fascinating. He looks a little scary at first, but I see that they are good pets, so I guess that that is not so. I think he puts our little lizards to shame.

Christie said...

I love horses too! This Lorenzo post was AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!

Christie at Prettypaperbook