Thursday, June 5, 2008

To The Vet !!!

Woke yesterday morning to find my Blue Dog "Shadow" looking out of sorts - Not like him @ all... Thought we might have an infection so into town & picked up some antibiotics for him but when he wouldn't eat his raw chicken wings that night... I became pretty concerned enough to be up early in the AM to check on him first thing to find he had begun to bleed - Not Good! Into the ute & off to town ASAP where the Vet diagnosed poisoning from the Rat/Mouse Baits out in the feed shed. Not that he could get to any of the baits but had been eating some of the poisoned mice apparently & the amount of toxins had built up over a # of days. The Antidote was given immediately on arrival & a blood transfusion too boot - we had lost a heap of blood by this time... That day was a tough one for all concerned - you don't realise how much an integral part of your family they have become until they are not there to greet you on arrival home... Thank Heavens for "Shadow" & us that he is one tough Smithfield Blue Cattle Dog - A True Drovers Dog.

This is Shad's back home this afternoon in his favourite place on the doorstep to my Studio - still has the Wobbley Boot on a bit... but so long as we keep the Antidote up to him over the next month all will remain well. Needless to say there has been a rethink on brands of poison being used in the Feed Shed - no more TomKat... now using Racumen which bowls the mice not the Dog! Our Vet tells us that there is another new Rat/Mouse poison just onto the market & this new one has no Antidote @ all - definately no 2nd chance with that one... Frightening!


Candace said...

Glad your diligence caught it in time and he is doing well. I hadn't seen a dog like Shadow before, his coat is beautiful.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

So glad to hear that Shadow is on the mend...they are a very special part of ones family, our fury friends..

Narelle said...

Good to hear Shadow will be OK. I worry having bait around our place for that reason but sometimes it's a battle with the pests. Thanks for the tip on Racumen.

Jo Jo said...

I am glad your dog is ok! Please share his progress...they do become part of the family. Jo x

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please tell me where to buy Racumen? I can't seem to locate any.