Friday, June 6, 2008

Shadow On The Mend.

Shadow is definately coming back on deck today... having not eaten for the past couple of days... even roast lamb didn't tempt... we are lining up for our tucker now & heeling me to get to the fridge faster... A Good Sign when I have a forceful if not pushy Blue Dog! DDH has introduced Egg Flip for Shad's brekkie to help get him back to being himself again. Oh Yes & Little Chipolata Sausages to take his daily tablets in also... Are we pleased to have him back home... Oh Yeah!!! Enforcing the Rest & Take It Easy part is tricky @ feedtimes as he normally bowls along beside the ute which just putters out to the paddocks to feed up in a rather steady as she goes manner - So Tis the Chain & Bed = Enforced Rest!!! But Yes we are on the Mend. Thank You Everyone who has enquired after Shad's Progress... But Hey what can I say - He's Tough.