Thursday, June 12, 2008


Raceday for The Girl Saturday@ Ipswich... All Fingers Crossed once again Butterflies are already happenin"... So to take my mind off that... I have been Bloghoppin' & I found Melly & Me having a Giveaway... really cute new patterns! Petunia Pig's skirt is to die for... Baked today... Biccy Tins needed a Top Up... Have been busting to try Chookyblue's Anzac Slice & it's every bit as good as I thought! Yep... Still walking - total necessity these days in Blogland!!! The shots are of My Boggie's * Bougainvillea's - the top one is fairly well established whilst the other is a new addition to the garden & as I just could not make up my mind I took them both home & planted them together & here they are thriving with protection thru Winter - Luvin' those two colours together! Have just realised I forgot to mention Lynette Anderson's really cute New Redwork Stitchery Giveaway - totally sidetracked into Blogland!!! Yeah I know it's Addictive...